Where will the First Cowrium Blockchain Conference Hold!

February 17, 2022    0 comment

An event as big as this, just as expected has attracted various hosting interests from various locations in Nigeria, different stakeholders clamoring to host the First Cowrium International Blockchain conference, the question is; where will the maiden edition of Cowrium Blockchain conference hold?

Where will it HODL!

If you ask me, many factors actually comes to play in the consideration of the hosting city in Nigeria, important among the checklist are centrality, accessibility, hospitality availability, facilities, ambience and safety. So, let the best city host the world.



April 2022

As we trust the management decision on the choice of location, prepare to be there with your friends and family, the next one will be much later in the year, yes, much later, so all road leads to the eye opening event in April 2022, you can’t afford to miss the juicy sessions mapped out to cause a shift of paradigm in your financial life.

Cowrium – The First! The Future!

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