Five Cities in Nigeria in Consideration to Host First Cowrium Blockchain Conference

February 19, 2022    0 comment

As preparation towards the big day of the Cowrium family is at the top gear, potential host cities for the median edition of the Cowrium Blockchain conference emerges, one out this five (5) locations will be chosen for the long awaited conference. .

The Big Five Scrutinized

The five cities where all scrutinized to ascertain their suitability for the bi-annual Cowrium Blockchain Conference for 2022, However, report reaching us has revealed that the following cities have been under the radar for a while:

1. Lagos
2. Abuja
3. Port Harcourt
4. Ilorin
5. Osogbo


Is your City on the List!

If your city is on the list, I guess you will be hosting this amazing event then, otherwise, contact your friends and families in those locations and tell them about this blockbuster event that is about to happen on the Nigeria soil, so you can attend together. Are you prepared for the paradigm shifting Blockchain  engagement of the year? Watch this space for further updates as we all anticipate the big day of the Cowrium Blockchain.

Cowrium – The First! The Future…

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