Osogbo Wins the Bid out of Five Major Cities to Host First Cowrium Conference

March 1, 2022    0 comment

The jubilation and celebrations was everywhere as management announces Osogbo city as the lucky host of the First Cowrium conference. So, it’s all set, Osogbo here we come, all road leads to the ancient city of Osogbo in Osun state, a city known for its rich culture and hospitality.

Osogbo Host Cowrium Investors

The investors in Osogbo have agreed that this opportunity of a lifetime will be utilized to increase the sensitization drive about the Cowrium Blockchain and the opportunities it holds in stock for traders, SMEs and investors. This choice has been said to be a major forward step to ensure that we reach the un-reached with the wonders of Blockchain.


Stakeholders excited with Management Decision

As stakeholders in Osogbo and Nigeria at large appreciate the management for the great choice of location, they have also agreed to ensure that all investors outside the shore of Nigeria who will be in the conference will be welcomed with open hands.

Cowrium – The First! The Future!


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