Chief Conductor | Cowrium, Lagos, Nigeria

Why Emmanuel Haastrup ?

Emmanuel Haastrup popularly known as Ceah is the Founder / Chief Conductor of the Cowrium Foundation. He’s the heart and soul of the Project which he has fondly pushed privately since 2018 (Covid-19 included as a Disruptive element) until January 2022 when the formal Presale finally took Off. Known for delving into uncharted territories is one of his strength: consistently pushing even when there was zero support for Cowrium, all the way to where the project stands today. Who else should the attendees want to hear from if not the Brain Behind Cowrium!

About Emmanuel

A team player, a professional to the core in his chosen field. With 20 years plus of Combined Experience as Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Web, Software & Database Developer, Blockchain Enthusiast, Speaker and Sales & Business Networking Consultant, he’s the heart and soul of the team. Emmanuel is the Founder and presently acting as the Chief Conductor of the Cowrium project.

Ceah whose favourite spare time is spent globe trotting also love to share his experience in the area of Business and Investment with those who love to listen. He believes that the gap between the rich and the poor can only be bridged by Financial Education. A professional Trainer with real-life practical and practicable experience.

Foray into Blockchain and the Cryptosphere

In 2011, he came across Bitcoin as an investment potential but refused to participate due to experience from a similar digital asset called – E-Gold. He was sold out in 2014 due to  the Potential of Blockchain Technology and became an active Investor thereafter. On the first of January 2018, the idea of Cowrium was birthed, despite being a very tough year in the Cryptosphere, he had a very stern believe that Cowrium will outlast us and will be celebrated three generations from now.