Senior Developer | Cowrium, Lagos, Nigeria

Why Olubola Morgan

Olubola Morgan is a polyglot software Engineer, a web3 enthusiast in blockchain development and likewise technologies, with several blockchain experience and regular Hands-On for more than 15 years, with interest in process automation, architecture, distributed systems, enterprise integration, games, machine learning and data science. Building and Managing Software products since 2005 in the ERP, banking, e-payment, cards, fintech, nft and smart contracts.

About Speaker

Implemented numerous blockchain exchange projects built using various blockchain technologies like Ethereum Virtual Machine, Binancem, Polygon and working on project using Rust on Solana projects, Solid understanding of blockchain as a service, his interests are developing a full blockchain application, write smart contracts and develop tokens, Nft, Metaverse using web 3.0, solidity, javascript and python. He’s currently a senior developer at Cowrium.